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From cybersquatting, to public criticism, to missed creative opportunities, there are several ways not claiming a .SUCKS domain can negatively impact a brand or trademark.

Why does a brand need .SUCKS?

To secure a branded domain that’s otherwise open to the public.

Anyone is ultimately entitled to buy and use a branded domain, regardless of their relationship to that company or cause. Whether that means that a disgruntled customer turns a digital space into a platform for public complaints, or that a cybersquatter sits on it for potential profit, this demonstrates just how important it is for brands to protect relevant domains in order to avoid steep financial and reputational damages down the line before someone else claims them.

To anticipate the potential damage before it hits.

Brands will always face some criticism, and in an age of online review platforms and powerful social networks, online brand damage can be especially painful—and expensive. Preempting this potentially disastrous exposure by redirecting a .SUCKS domain to a feedback forum can provide customers the voice they crave while organizations maintain greater control over their brand.

To actually improve their perception online and beyond.

Trademark protection and reputation management is about more than just saving your clients from potential infringement. It’s equally important to find ways to elevate the conversation that’s taking place about a brand, in order to progress public perception. A unique TLD like .SUCKS gives brands a platform where they can get creative and create a message that will really resonate. Think about how easily a detergent company could use to drive awareness to their product!

.SUCKS has helped protect brands—from Fortune 100 companies to startups—retain control of their trademarks. Read on to learn how.